Thursday, December 27, 2012

Closing this Chapter

As we draw near to the end of 2012, I feel God is leading me in a new direction and it is time for this blog (which at one time meant so much to me) come to an end.  Over the last 3 years, God has healed so many broken places in my life.  He has forced me each year to deal with things that I really had no idea were part of what was holding me back from becoming the person that He created me to be.  From the unrealized loss of loved old memory flashes from things from my childhood.  Many of the things that I have dealt with, I didn't know were weighing so heavy on my heart.  I didn't realize that they were keeping me from my true destiny.  As God has taken each broken place and worked to heal it, he has even worked to clean all of the junk out some old that they can heal properly.  I am so thankful that God wants me to be whole, instead of continuing to put more bandages on these old wounds.  I'm not saying that everything is completely healed, but God has given me some amazing tools and even some amazing relationships that continue to help me heal.

God has shown me over the last 2 months, how important all of the relationships that we have are, whether they are old or new.  Each relationship has a purpose in our lives.  All relationships fall into one of three categories: REASON, SEASON or LIFETIME.  Sometimes, someone is placed in our lives for a specific reason.  Maybe the reason is to help us get through something we are dealing with or maybe it is just to teach us some kind of lesson.  Sometimes, we have friends that are there during a specific season and then the relationship ends.  A season in our life could be our childhood, or our teenage years....  And some friends are friends for a lifetime.  I am finding that many of my old relationships tend to fall under that a way that I didn't expect.  The more that we put into each of our relationships, the more we will get out them.  I have definitely learned what true friends are.

I have come to realize that the person that started this blog in 2009, is no longer me.  Yes, on the outside I am the same person(maybe a few years older).....but my heart is different.  I am a new person.....a different person.  I have a different outlook.  I have a different life.  I have a different view on so many things in life.  Although, this blog will always have a memorable place in my is time for a new chapter in my life.

Thanks to all of those that have followed my blog and have given me support through the last 3 years.  It means the world to me. Stayed tuned.....because I will be starting a new blog that better represents where I am at this point in my life.  I pray you have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!


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